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Kim is bold and aggressive but hides an unsteady heart. No, she doesn't have angina; I mean she's not as confident as she tries to appear to others. 

The natural leader of the group, she tends to be the most rational but that's not saying much when you're teammates are these three...

Likes: Pringles, being adored

Dislikes: Jasper, being made fun of, dickheads


Emily is the heart of the team. She likes to take an optimistic approach to situations and tries to see the best in everyone. The easiest of the gang to get along with.

Likes: Magic, hypnosis, Johnny

Dislikes: dickheads


Jasper is a pretentious cat with ideas of grandeur. He looks down on others for being simpleminded and classless, despite not being as smart or as classy as he thinks he is.

Likes: Finery, his fun bubble pipe, science

Dislikes: Diets, being set on fire


Johnny is Emily's younger brother. Everyone loves Johnny.

Likes: Sniffing things, licking things, naps

Dislikes: His feet and hands being touched

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